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Here you can find what clients and trainees have had to say about working with me!

GYmbox weightlifting workshop

I would recommend training with James to anyone looking to learn the Olympic lifts. As an experienced athlete and PT I benefited greatly from James's explanation of the mechanics, technique and requirements to execute the lifts well. This course gave me all the drills and essentials I needed to go away confident I could make progress on my own but also keen to learn more. James is a patient teacher and great communicator, it was a pleasure training with him.

- Dan Foley, PT @ Gymbox


The six-week club with James was eye-opening and amazing, at the same time. I always ignored Olympic lifting because I was intimidated and didn’t think it was that useful. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Coming from a fighting background, James's focus on movement efficiency, mobility, and clear, tailored feedback helped me propel 80kg into the air for a split jerk. It was an amazing experience that I would do all over again.

- Niam Kamili, PT @ Gymbox

I had an amazing experience with James in his Olympic weightlifting course. As a complete beginner to Oly, James's attention to detail and his ability to break down techniques in an easy-to-understand manner made the learning process incredibly enjoyable. His expertise and guidance have not only equipped me with the fundamentals but also motivated me to continue training in Olympic lifting. Highly recommend James for anyone considering taking up Oly!

- Margherita Ragazzi, PT @ Gymbox

Epic 6 weeks learning from James in the Olympic Lifting club! I attended both the 2-week intro and 6-week course and have learned so much! James was so helpful, friendly and welcoming! His coaching over the weeks gave me confidence in my squat mobility, and happy to say my squat naturally got deeper with James’s guidance and assistance! James went through a variety of drills and exercises. These provided a great prep for the session and educated us on the flow and movement patterns required for a successful lift. James also provided us an overview each week of what we had learned, recommended exercises from the session we could practice, along what we would be training the following week. Highly recommend James’ course!

- Tamara Johnson, Instructor @ Gymbox

Personal Training and Online coaching

James was my PT at Fitness First. He always tried to push my limits further but always looked after the execution - I didn’t know what trap bar deadlift was and how to do it and now I’m lifting 140kg. Also, good advice on food, giving you guidelines on macros. Then, he moved so I decided to carry on with the online coaching. Again great experience, good workouts, checking how I execute the main exercises by sharing videos, and good feedback each time. Always listen to your needs and thoughts and come back with proposals.

- Max Mauri

James has been great to work with, starting from knowing very little about technique to being able to confidently go to the gym without worried about getting injured. He's given me a great foundation to work on going forward and is always willing to go the extra mile, which is one of the reasons why I am willing to journey 40 minutes to see him every week.

- Hemingway Yan

I trained with James for 2 years and I can’t recommend James highly enough. James is the right balance of patient, and kind but yet pushes you to achieve your goals to become stronger and fitter.  James’s philosophy is to help you make long-term lifestyle changes for the better and this is exactly what he has helped me to do. My life has changed for the better thanks to James.

- Francesca Valentine

The thing that has impressed me the most about working with James is his ability to read clients both physically and mentally. He trained both myself and my partner separately and together, and although very different, he still got the best out of both of us. He has the most incredible adaptability and attention to detail! This coupled with his understanding of the human body, allowed him to explain how and why we were training in a particular way. He’s truly the best personal trainer I’ve ever had!

- Damon Valentine

When I first joined the gym, I had never done any strength training before, I had no idea how to and lacked the confidence to even go to the gym by myself. James was very patient in encouraging me to have good postures and techniques for every rep and helped me build confidence and challenge myself with strength training. After about 10 sessions with James, I had already gained quite a lot of muscles and felt confident enough to start doing more strength by myself. I went from gym-shy and slim to confident and muscular in a few months all thanks to James!

- Wilson Li

Booking in with James has truly been one of the best personal investments I’ve ever made. I have been training in the gym for over 10 years, but for the longest time found myself feeling uninspired with no visual physical improvements to my physique, and often felt judged and unconfident to use new, more challenging equipment in the gym. After having my consultation with James, telling him the kinds of things I’d like to work on, we quickly built a strong foundation for me to confidently train using equipment I never could use before and finally I was seeing results. As an actor, I need to keep fit physically and mentally, and I honestly can’t see myself training with anybody else but James.

- Tom Scanlon

Having James as my coach made a huge difference in my training in the gym & outside the gym. Especially during the lockdown, we kept our training routine and it helped me to keep accountable during the difficult time and I managed to drop weight from 95kg to 81kg and I came out from the lockdown so much stronger physically & mentally.

I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to improve their fitness goals, James is the one who cares about his clients. He is more than a trainer, he is a friend and a huge part of my life.

- Paul Yoo

I’ve known James for quite a few years now and have always been so inspired by his attitude and dedication toward personal training, so I decided it was time to start working with him on a personalized program for my goals. He’s helped me with my form, has encouraged progressive overload, and has answered general questions about fitness and nutrition. My goals were to tone my body, have visible abs, lift heavier, and just in general improve my level of fitness. Thanks to him I’ve steadily lost 11kg over 13 months, I’m now lifting the heaviest I ever have done, I’m hitting personal bests in my weights/cardio sessions and I’m the fittest I ever have been! I cannot recommend him enough… He’s been so great to work with I’ve recommended him to my friends and partner!

- Hannah Jag-Nathan

Can’t express how happy I am with both my mental and physical transformation since training with James. I used to train regularly and I’ve always been naturally slim, but I struggled to gain muscle mass and shape where I wanted it. Safe to say I didn’t know what I was doing in the gym before!! James put together a program to fit my needs and wants and even after a couple of months I saw a big difference in my physique. It goes to show that you can be fit and healthy but you do need that guidance to reach your goals, and that’s exactly what James did. If I suddenly feel like I want to attain something different or try something new, I let James know and he adjusts my program accordingly. It makes me feel supported and I know I’m getting advice from someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. I consider James a friend of mine, and I really can’t thank him enough for how I feel about myself after training with him mentally and physically. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!!

- Zoe Jag Nathan

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