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Be good to people but don't expect anything back

You should always be good to people but can only hope they do the same.

Being that person who always looks out for others isn’t necessarily a bad thing but its a lonely place to be at times.

Ask yourself this, have you ever loved someone and devoted yourself to them only for that person to leave you feeling so alone. The under-appreciation and unreciprocated love and attention.

You begin to crave the attention. You hope that one day someone will make you feel how you try to make others feel.

The hardest part is the misconception that you are happy because you enjoy making others smile. That's where it becomes the loneliest.

No one realises the pain you go through because they never ask and we will never optionally tell them.

We become so unwilling to pull anyone into this dark place with us. We dont want them to feel sorry for us.. yet we need a shoulder to cry on. I know my friends would be happy to talk and of course they only want whats best for me but I cant bring myself to start that conversation.

“Hi, how are you?

I need help”

Why do we prefer to suffer in silence when we do have people who care about us?

Do I call an anonymous helpline?

Do I sign myself up for therapy?

Am I just being over sensitive?

Plenty of fish and all that.. right?

I have been reading a book called “Feeling Good”. The books purpose is to help people realise that the emotions we feel stems from the thoughts we have as opposed to the situation that has occurred.

Only you can make yourself happy, sad, angry. Your thoughts dictate how you feel and how you feel controls how you act.

Its too easy to tell people to “think happier thoughts” and “be positive” but that is essentially the key. You cannot expect or rely on another person to make you happy. No one is responsible for your thoughts or feelings but you. The harshest reality that I have realised is that people do genuinely care but they have their own lives too and no one can drag you out of the mud to make you “better”.

Be less reliant. Be selfish. Love yourself more than anyone else could.

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